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Klapp Products - Montreal

Klapp Cosmétics is a pioneer in the world of beauty and cosmetic treatments. Its founder, Gerhard Klapp, is known worldwide for his visionary qualities. This pioneer, naturopath and beauty and wellness specialist founded the company, which for more than 40 years has been researching and developing new technologies, active ingredients and ever more effective methods for our greater satisfaction, in more than 60 countries.

The results?

The entire KLAPP concept has been developed to meet the needs of every skin type. The results never wait! 

Retinol (vitamin A), O2 therapy, vitamin C and ASA Peel are its innovations.

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Klapp Anti-Aging

CS III Collagen Stimulation Timeless transfer lift gel

Diamond cream

Quantity : 50ml

Diamond serum

Quantity : 50ml

GK Cosmetics Cuvee Prestige 24H cream mousse

KG Cosmetics Cuvee Prestige Luminous Serum Concentrate

Klapp caviar power day cream

Klapp caviar power eye care fluid roll-on

Klapp caviar power imperial 24h jelly cream 1

Quantity : 30ml

Klapp caviar power imperial 24h jelly cream

Quantity : 50ml

klapp caviar power imperial serum with the box

Quantity : 40ml

klapp caviar power imperial serum

Klapp caviar power Mask

Klapp Repagen Exclusive Face Care set

(Serum Global Anti-Aging cream)

Quantity: 50 ml

Klapp Stri-Pexan Eye care intensive cream

Quantity: 20ml

Klapp Stri-Pexan Intensive cream

Quantity: 70 ml

Klapp Stri-Pexan Serpentine serum

Quantity: 30 ml

Repagen Exclusive Global Anti-Aging Cream

Quantity: 50 ml

Repagen Exclusive Serum

Quantity: 50 ml

Repagen Exclusive Serum

Quantity: 50 ml

Repagen Rich Eye care

Klapp Stri-PeXan Intensive Cream

Quantity: 70 ml

Stri-Pexan box - Intensive cream

Quantity: 70 ml

Klapp Jeunesse K

Klapp A Classic Face Care Set (cream,revital serum,effect mask)

Klapp A Classic Neck - Decolleté cream

Quantity: 50ml

Klapp A Classic Power set

Klapp skin natural Aloe Vera cream

Quantity: 50ml

Klapp Skin Natural Face Care Set (Aloe vera gel, Aloe vera cream)

Klapp Speciality

Klapp C pure Power set

Klapp Clean - Active cleansing lotion

Quantity: 250ml

Klapp clean - Active Enzyme peeling

Quantity: 50ml

Klapp Hangover Age Fight serum

Klapp Men All Day Long 24H Hydro cream

Quantity: 50ml