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The price of looking young ?

To appear younger and fresher, a number of women are going under the knife in invasive cosmetic procedures, structuring and restructuring themselves until disfigurement...

Looking younger is desirable but at what price !

Is it desirable to rejuvenate your skin to the point of deconstructing the harmony that nature created.
The value of our unique and innate self is precious, influenced by the mysterious events that shape our lives and punctuate it …Starting as a timid sketch of features in the middle of a round and soft face, as we grow older, time gives rise to clearer and more precise traits… Like an artist capturing the deepest of expressions, mini lines form and expand here and there to reveal a mature portrait, aged but so much more complete... This is beauty in its purest form !

There is also a fine line between reality and appearance. You can take care of yourself, apply makeup, treat your skin efficiently or even do a few injections here or there to help your skin along the way, but let it age gracefully !

We don’t want to grow old, we don’t want to die, and yet everybody dies because it’s part of life and everyone grows old... But we don’t want people to see us aging ! Why ?

To please them, to be admired, to stay in the mainstream... Mainstream of what ? Young people who discover life, who discover love and who have more projects in front of them than achievements behind them? The irony here is that even if you inject things into your body and freeze your features, you will still look old. But we just ignore this widespread phenomenon that has reduced some of the most beautiful women into banal or even ridiculous shells sometimes.

Why do we choose to disfigure ourselves so much when we can choose to have harmonious natural features ?

The answer lies in strings of injections or surgeries. It’s an effect of fashion and a phenomenon of society, generated by the media and money. It causes many women to go under the knife at increasingly younger ages, sometimes causing irreparable damages and they lose, little by little, their uniqueness and beauty.

So ladies, take a good look at yourself and see the beauty that is in you. In particular, you don’t want to do anything that you may come to regret... later.

- Marie B.


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