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Massage therapist in Montreal

Specializing in professional massage therapy, Fleur de Peau offers a range of treatments in a relaxing and peaceful environment. For all messages of 90 minutes, we also offer a complementary therapeutic bath with Dead Sea salts.


Swedish massage is a dynamic therapy technique, which aims to relax the entire body by easing tension and improve joint flexibility. Its toning and relaxing effect is also beneficial for improving blood and lymphatic circulation, while decreasing muscle toxins. It helps the body regain its natural balance.

60 MIN: $95
90 MIN: $130

Massage therapist Montreal


The Californian massage is a stress-busting therapy (both physical and mental), to provide effective and lasting relief of tension. The massage harmonizes your entire being and increases your self awareness and sensitivity.

60 MIN: $95
90 MIN: $130


Hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy that uses classic massage techniques and essential oils. Heated volcanic rocks, usually made of black basalt,
are placed on specific parts of the body. The stones are then manipulated through gentle massages, including long strokes, circular movements, tapping and kneading.

90 MIN: $150


Reflexology- promoting health through the manipulation of specific points and areas on the feet.

60 MIN: $85
90 MIN: $120


Massage therapist Montreal

Hot therapy by Fleur de Peau

  • Back massage with hot stones
  • Anti-aging face treatment with hot beads
  • Paraffin treatment for hands and feet

Cold therapy by Fleur de Peau

  • Asian spoon facial treatment
  • Cold beaded eye treatment
  • Application of a cool gel for tired legs

Tonic-Thai treatment by Fleur de Peau

  • Body scrub with Himalayan salts
  • Hydro-massage bath of 10 to 20 min (you choose)
  • Lymphatic drainage of legs
  • Seaweed and green tea body wrap